NoteSake your way to clean notes

NoteSake your way to clean notesNoteSake is one of the cleanest, easy to use online note taking applications we have come across.

This "keepsake" for your class notes is free to sign up to, and offers a clean look at your online class notes. Notes are easily entered using a scaled back toolset version, but it has the basics of what is needed including paragraphs, bolding, italics, underlines and bullets. Notes are neatly listed out with the ability to tag them with keywords for easy searching. Notes also have the ability to be re-edited, printed, or even shared with a NoteSake user, email address or group.

Although beautiful, one thing that is missing from NoteSake is the ability to export notes to common formats (or even RSS feeds). A feature that is highly needed when using notes as a base for essays and reports.

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