PocketCM Keyboard - finger friendly typing on Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile is great at a lot of things. Text entry is not one of them. While a lot of folks complain that the iPhone soft keyboard takes some getting used to, at least it allows 2 fingered typing on a device without a keypad. You need a stylus to type on most Windows Mobile devices without keyboard unless you're using a full-screen keyboard or Tengo Thumb.

The developer behind PocketCM Contacts has another solution, a 2-fingered software keyboard that takes up about the same amount of space as other software keyboards.

The keyboard looks and acts a lot like the iPhone keyboard. Key presses don't register until you lift your finger. This gives you time to shift your finger from one spot to the next until you've got the correct letter.

PocketCM Keyboard runs on Windows Mobile 5.0 and newer devices. It's still in beta, although it's under rapid development, so we can probably expect a final release soon. No word on whether the full version will be freeware, but PocketCM contacts is donateware, so one can only hope.

[via the unwired]

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