Rentometer lets you know if you're paying too much for rent

Every time you look in your neighbor's window and notice their marble countertops and high ceilings, it's hard not to get jealous. But you console yourself with the knowledge that they must be paying way more in rent than you are.

Thanks to a rather unscientific Google Maps mashup, you can now cry yourself to sleep in the knowledge that they just got a much better deal than you. Rentometer compares your apartment with others in your area and lets you know if you're paying more or less for rent than your neighbors.

The site works by using iiProperty data and a Google Map showing the locations of comparable apartments. Click on a bubble with a plus sign to see who's paying more than you, a minus sign to see a lower rent, and an equal sign to see a place where the rent is identical to your own.

The site doesn't account for parking, proximity to public transportation, or the age of buildings.

[via Webware]

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