Unofficial Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for PPC-6700/XV6700

Apache WM6
Lest you should think Dell Axim users are having all the fun, an industrious hacker has crammed Windows Mobile 6 onto yet another device. If you're using a Sprint PPC-6700 or Verizon XV6700 (which are basically the same device), and don't mind voiding your warranty and possibly killing your machine, have we got news for you!

PPCGeeks forum member helmi_c has managed to get Windows Mobile 6 running on the 6700 series. And he's released ROMs for pretty much any carrier you might have, including Sprint, Alltel, Verizon, Sasktel, Vivo Brazil, Telus, Bell Mobility, Cricket, Cellular South, New Zealand, Midwest, Reliance India, and Qwest.

The ROM inlcudes a lot more than just a Windows Mobile 6 upgrade. Helmi_c has also loaded it with some software to make your phone a bit more usable, including MS OneNote Mobile, MS LiveSearch, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player 7, WM5 Storage, TCPMP, PimBackup, Yahoo Go! 2.0, and a suite of HTC applications:
  • HTC Home Plugin 6tab v1.5.620.722
  • HTC CommManager with 10 Buttons
  • HTC Touch Dialer With working Smartdial and ## Codes
  • HTC Smartdial v2.5
  • HTC Task Manager v1.51.30229.1
  • HTC Voice Recorder v1.10.611711.0
  • HTC Streaming Media v2.20.615718.00
  • HTC Audio.Manager v1.2.614712.q
There are a few bugs, including one that messes up text messaging when you install the Palm SMS threading application. Although this ROM seems to be working for most users, as always, we have to warn you that you'll be solely responsible for killing your phone if anything goes wrong with this "upgrade."

[via Engadget]

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