AOL HQ moving to New York, business model moving to advertising

AOL There's big news from AOL today. This blog's parent company is moving its corporate headquarters from Dulles, Virginia to New York City as part of a new advertising-based business model.

Over the last few years AOL has been making the transition from a company that was primarily a internet service provider to one that provides content and access to online services like e-mail and instant messaging. Goodbye billions of free trial CDs, hello advertising.

A few months ago, AOL purchased behavioral-targeting ad firm Tacoda. AOL already owns several other online advertising properties including The company is putting all of its advertising resources together in a new group called Platform A that will focus on matching advertisers with AOL and third party advertising opportunities.

The company will continue to have office space in Virginia, Mountain View, CA, and other locations. But the headquarters will be moving to New York, which is widely seen as the advertising capital of the country.

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