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Blogger Play
Everybody loves a good slideshow, right? Sure, you can go to Flickr, type in a search term and watch the results scroll by. But after a while you might just wind up seeing the same images over and over.

Blogger Play guarantees you'll almost never see the same photos twice. That's because this photo slideshow shows only images that have been recently uploaded to Google's Blogger. And when we say recent, we mean pretty much the last 15 minutes or so.

Most of the tool was written about two years ago, shortly after Blogger added the ability to upload photos. But it was just a toy for in-house workers to see what people were uploading. Now, the team has added some controls that let you adjust the slide speed and move forward and backward. You can also click an image to see the original blog post, or click the "show info" button to see an excerpt from the blog post and the time it was written.

Blogger Play uses Google's SafeSearch to block out adult images, so it should be safe to use at work. If you have a Blogger page and you'd rather not have your images appear on Blogger Play, it looks like your only option is to remove your page from Blogger's listings.

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