Buy a new iPod, pay to download the games you already own

iPod Tetris
You already know that Apple wants you to buy a new iPod or two pretty much every year. That's why the company keeps coming out with skinnier/cleaner looking devices that have more and more storage. Since 98.9% of the US population already owns an iPod, the company needs to keep pushing out products that make your MP3 player look like a Sony Walkman so that you'll be ashamed to walk around with your ancient technology.

But there's a price to upgrading (beside the hundreds of dollars you spend to, you know, buy a new product). It turns out that if you've purchased games designed for playing on previous versions of the iPod, you'll have to buy the same games again to play them on the latest generation.

On the upside, you get some minor improvements in the new versions of the games. They've been "reformatted" for the new devices. Updated games include Tetris, Soduku, and Ms. Pac-Man. The games will all run on the new iPod Classic and Nano. 15 more games will be added soon. Games cost $5, and may be obsolete next time you buy a new device.

[via Engadget]

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