Can you create a successful internet startup in 3 days?

Startup Weekend Some internet startups take months or years of planning. Others can be put together in just a matter of days with a good idea and a little pluck. In July a group of 70 people got together in Boulder, Colorado to vote on ideas that had been proposed. Over the course of a single weekend, they chose an idea and created Vosnap, an online polling tool.

This weekend, 120+ people have signed up for a similar "Startup Weekend" in New York City. The group will choose from more than 15 ideas, and try to put together a business plan by Sunday.

Vosnap is up and running, but isn't making money yet. But the process was successful enough to encourage Startup Weekends around the world. Future events are planned for cities including Boston, Atlanta, and London.

[via Silicon Alley Insider]

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