Clean up messy emails with Email Stripper

Haphazardly forwarded email is huge annoyance for many people. We're not talking about the ones with subject lines like, "OMG! Check this out!!!!" or "Microsoft is giving away a million dollars!!!!" (though those are super-annoying too). No, we mean the emails that have already been forwarded 37 times and land in our inbox looking something like this:

>>>>>>>>>The company party will>>>>>>>>>be this >>>>>>>>>Saturday>>>>>>>>> at the
>>>>>>>>>Pavilion. >>The CEO will bring the beer and >>>>>a lampshade, a sign-up sheet for
>>>>>>>>>desserts is in>>>> the break room. Plan on a limbo>>contest and Jello >>>shots, dress

The spiffy free download Email Stripper 2.2 (Windows and Linux under WINE only) rescues emails like this by yanking all the stray symbols and weird spaces, then restoring it to its original easy-to-read format. Simply paste the wonky email (that's the technical term for it, you know) into Email Stripper, click a button and -- presto -- the text is cleaned up and ready to be cut and pasted into a new email.


[Via MakeUseOf]
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