Create movies and slideshows with JayCut

Create movies and slideshows with JayCutBeing able to access your work wherever you are is key to pretty much anyone involved with the internet. The same goes for creators of movies and slideshows, whether they are for fun, school or for business. Sometimes it might take a little longer than expected to mix a video video or create a slideshow. You might have to finish while on the run, or at different venues, and having these items in an online resource that is universally accessible is key to being able to complete them.

JayCut is such service. This online location gives users the ability to create, edit and publish online movies and slideshows using a set of easy controls. A handful of effect and transitions are also available and music can be uploaded and added to shows. Videos can also be embedded in social networks, blogs and websites. Forget about paying thousands for a pro setup if you're just playing around, JayCut is one online application that could work out just fine.

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