Create a simple webpage fast and free with Jottit

Create a simple webpage fast and free with Jottit

If you have ever had the need to create a quick and dirty webpage for a last minute party, or even to provide more information for the item you are listing for sale on Craigslist, Jottit could be your savior.

Users start off on the plain and simple Jottit home page. All that is provided is a textbox where users can input any text they wish. When you click "Create a page," text will then show up on an editable page in a wiki-like format. From there, pages can be edited and revised as well as marked private, public (viewers would require a password to edit it) or open so that anyone can edit and view it as they wish. Jottit then provides a unique URL in which the page can than be accessed.

It doesn't stop there however. Users can then customize things even further with Jottit's settings. Users are given the option of creating a full website with multiple pages and a URL that is easier to remember. i.e. with numerous subpages that have images, video and anything else that can be accessed with an embedding code option to create a better user experience and more robust web presence.

To check out more of what is possible with Jottit, visit our sample page at

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