Designing Google print ads

Google print adThought about getting into Google's Print Ad program? They have just made it easier to design effective advertisements through a new piece of software.

Google's new piece of ad software will help Google Print Ad advertisers design their own ads for display in newspapers. The process is pretty straightforward, but you must win the ad auction to begin. Advertisers start out by choosing a newspaper from participating publications, then bid on the space. From there, if the publisher approves, you can start on the design process. Images can be uploaded in any one of six sizes, from 1 col. x 1 in. to 2 col. x 7 in specially built for newspapers. Advertisers then enter the ad text and contact details into pre-designed templates. Then Google's tool will get to work automatically generating a few designs to choose from.

The big question is, will the ad design recommendations that Google spits out be effective enough? We have to assume Google has put some thought and industry insight into the most effective designs for print before releasing the tool. However, we will have to wait for some stats to be sure.

Check out some sample Google Print Ads developed with the application.

[via informationweek]

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