Digg gets (more) social

DiggAccording to Business Week, Digg is launching a series of new social networking features today. But wait, isn't Digg already pretty social? Well yeah, the site leverages the power of communities by letting users submit and vote on news stories. And you can add "friends" to your profile to make it easier to see what other people are digging. But Digg is no MySpace/Facebook/Friendster.

First up, you'll be able to create a more complete personal profile. This will make it easier to find friends with similar tastes and interests. And you'll be able to send out story links to a limited group of friends rather than submitting them for review by the whole community.

In other words, if you've created a friend group filled with 19th century literature enthusiasts, you can share stories with your friends that would never make it to the front page of Digg.

By beefing up the personal profile page, Digg is also hoping to create a stronger user community base. You'll be able to post more information, links to profiles on other social networks, and multiple pictures. Apparently only about 15% to 20% of Digg's users actually have registered accounts, but that could change if users see more benefits to signing up than just the ability to submit links and comment on stories.

Digg hasn't officially announced the new features yet, but the existing Digg community is already having a thoughtful discussion in the comments of link to the Business Week article.

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