Digg gets an (unofficial) image section

Digg plans to launch an image section next month. It will let users submit and vote on interesting and funny pictures without the need to write (PIC) in the headline. Presumably, the site will also include image thumbnails much the same way it does for its video section.

But if you just can't wait another month, one Digg fan has gone and created digpicz. Just like Reddit Media does with Reddit, digpicz scans Digg for image posts and creates a Digg-style page with top stories and thumbnails. And it does this all without any support from Digg's developers.

In fact, we wouldn't be surprised to see both Reddit Media and digpicz get takedown notices one of these days. But perhaps it behooves Reddit and Digg to let the sites live until each social news site launches its own image section. At that point, there won't be much reason for anyone to visit the unofficial sites.

[via Digg]

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