Download free games from FilePlanet and Electronic Arts

Command & ConquerLooking for a good video game to spend the rest of your long weekend with, but don't want to break the bank? Electronic Arts has released its classic strategy game Command & Conquer as a free download. This week marks the game's 12th anniversary, and throughout the month of September Electronic Arts plans to offer special promotions, including a free download of Command & Conquer Gold.

Strategy games not your thing? FilePlanet has released free (advertising supported) versions of four popular games:

Of course, nobody makes it easy to download these games. We started downloading Command & Conquer a few minutes ago, and it looks like we should have the whole file in another 18 hours. We assume Electronic Arts' server is getting hammered right about now.

And FilePlanet requires you to sign up for a free (or paid) account in order to download games. If you don't want to shell out the money for a monthly subscription, you'll get shoved off to the back of the line and have to wait about 45 minutes to begin your download. So much for instant gratification.

[via Uneasy Silence and Just Another Mobile Monday]

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