Facebook Apps 4 sale on eBay

Facebook Apps 4 sale on eBay

Forget about listing your 'Web 2.0' company on eBay, selling your Facebook app is the in thing to do.

With the launch of the Facebook developer platform, a slew of great Apps have come out, leading the company into a superstar. Logbook, an application where users can add and review movies, books and music is built on top of the Amazon affiliate platform and accepts Google ads. This money generating application is now newly listed on eBay and with 25 bids, the price currently sits at $510. Could this spark a new trend in the Facebook saga? With Facebook recently launching a $10 Million grant fund dedicated to funding companies that have the sole purpose of building dedicated applications, you can bet there are a slew of startups that will just not make it into the fund and choose to unload the app for another developer to work their magic.

Written in PHP and using MySQL on Apache, this application could have a lot of potential for those that put a little marketing effort. There are currently only about 90 users. (all friends and family of the developers no doubt.)

appmrkt is a place where developers can buy and sell Facebook applications.

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