Find cool images with oSkope

oSkope is a visual search engine that lets you find images and videos from Flickr, Amazon, and YouTube. But that description doesn't really do the site justice.

You choose the site you want to search, enter a search term, and oSkope pulls up a list of images. You can fit more or fewer images on the screen by using the scrollbar on the right to zoom in or out. You can arrange images in a grid, a messy pile, a list with image data, or as a graph showing information like pricing or date uploaded.

Clicking on an image brings up a larger image and the ability to click through to the original source. If you're searching Amazon, you'll also see the item's price. And if you're searching YouTube, you'll have the option to play a video. Although the site allows you to choose eBay as your search engine, you won't find any items if you search eBay. Hopefully this feature is coming soon.

The whole thing is written in Flash, so there's no waiting for page loads. But there's also no back button, which can be a bit annoying at times.

[via Mashable]

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