FIQL TV lets you create, watch and share music video playlists

Online music community site FIQL is launching a new service today called FIQL TV. While FIQL has been around since 2005, its business model has sort of limited growth. The service lets you create and import music playlists. You can share those playlists with other users. There's just one problem: it was kind of a hassle for anyone to actually use those playlists to listen to music.

The site doesn't host music, and for the most part you can't find free streaming music online, so you needed to link out to services like Napster or Rhapsody if you wanted to listen to the songs.

Now here's the funny part. While it's relatively tricky to find free streaming music online, it's really easy to find free streaming music videos. Just go to YouTube. Or Metacafe. Or DailyMotion or any of the other myriad online video sites that lets users upload clips of their cat doing stupid things, or music videos they've recorded from MTV. Sure, it's illegal to upload a video if you don't own the copyrights, but that hasn't stopped people from doing it. Constantly.

So FIQL TV will take your FIQL playlists and locate corresponding music videos. It's kind of like creating your own MTV. You can also skip ahead or back in the playlist. And there's an embeddable player so you can add your playlist to your own website.

Odds are some of the videos you want to see won't be available, or will be removed by YouTube for copyright violations. But there's an equally good chance some other user will upload the same video. Oh yeah, and sometimes content producers actually put their videos on YouTube on purpose.

Still, basing your business model on the illegal activity of the folks who use another site is a bit tricky. So we're going to say the outlook for FIQL's future is, well... fickle.

FIQL is down for site maintenance right now, but FIQL TV should be up and running later today.

[via TechCrunch]

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