Get free FOX television downloads on iTunes

Starting next week FOX Broadcasting will offer the season premiere episodes of several of their televisions programs for free on iTunes. The plan behind the move is that once you download the first episode of the show onto your iPod you will be so enamored with watching your favorite programs on your tiny iPod screen that you'll pay to download the remainder of the season or at the very least you'll tune in to watch on television when the show airs.

Not all of FOX's programming will be available. Currently FOX's free iTunes offerings include American Dad, Bones, K-Ville, and Prison Break. ABC announced earlier this week plans to stream video through AOL's video portal, and NBC is looking at allowing users to download programming onto their computers for free a week after it's original air date. You can currently download several of NBC's new fall shows from Amazon Unbox before they even air.

[via TechCrunch]

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