Gizmo for Mobile in public beta

Gizmo for MobileGizmo for Mobile, from SIPPhone, the makers of Gizmo Project, lets you do chat, VoIP calls, and file transfers on your smart phone. Whether your buddies are on the Gizmo network, MSN, Yahoo, or AIM, you'll be able to text chat, which will help you avoid those SMS fees if you don't have unlimited texting. In addition, the rates for voice calling using Gizmo's call-out credits are very tempting--especially if you call across international boundaries. Ever call the UK from the States on your mobile phone? Ouch.

Gizmo for Mobile can be installed directly to your mobile phone using its browser, and SIPPphone claims support for 200 mobile phone models including Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry, Treo, and Samsung. Oh, and if you have a Linux-based mobile device like the Nokia N800, Gizmo Project will run on that, too.

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