Google Gmail hijacking

Google Gmail hijackingYour open Gmail account could be in severe jeopardy, thanks to a malicious script that initiates itself when a website is viewed,

The tables have turned from hacking your computer, to hacking your virtually stored information. Supposedly hackers are not seeing the benefits of attacking your protected and firewalled computer these days, and are much happier to go after hacking Web 2.0 API's. Such is the case in a recent exposure of a critical process that executes a filter looking for specific incoming emails, sending them to another email address for snooping and prying. The filter would be in place until the Gmail account owner deletes it from the Settings>Filter menu.

Gnucitizen broke the news on this, and it has been verified by a few sources. He is not planning on demonstrating this process, or releasing more details on findings until Google has fixed this concern. He is also urging that others do not expose anything until they have notified Google and a fix is implemented. But does say that the hacks are out in the open for anyone searching Yahoo or Google.

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