Google laying a multi-terabit undersea cable

Google laying a multi-terabit undersea cableAn Australian telecommunications news source claims to have uncovered a secret Google plan to build a multi-terabit undersea communications cable.

Google has supposedly met with a number of carriers in Sydney over the past few months to discuss this 'Unity' cable that they want to lay across the Pacific Ocean, and tie into existing cables in Guam and Hawaii. Google had originally hinted at this venture earlier this year with a "submarine cable negotiator" job posting.

The partnership would add additional infrastructure for the internet with Google and the carriers joining forces to build the multi terabit cable. Google would have access to a fiber pair that could improve access and increase affordability of the internet across the Asia Pacific.

There is no word as to who the other carriers working on this venture with Google are. The route of the cable is also under wraps.

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