Google Moon gets updated imagery

Google Moon
Google has added updates imagery to Google Moon allowing you to see high resolution photos of a place you're unlikely ever to visit. Aside from high res pictures, there are also photos, articles, scientific charts, and links to videos from the Apollo moon missions.

There are even Google Street View style 360 degree closeup images of selected locations, and a text search box for finding specific spots on the moon's surface.

Google's had the moon on the brain this week. The company has also announced its sponsoring the Lunar X-PRIZE contest. Teams around the world are competing for a $30 million prize. All they have to do is land a privately funded spacecraft on the moon. Of course, it costs NASA a whole lot more than $30 million to send the shuttle into space and back without even stopping at the moon. So the odds of anyone designing and flying a ship to the moon for less money than $30 million is pretty slim. But hey, the prize would help recoup some of your costs, right?

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