Google PowerPoint clone coming soon?

PresentlyGoogle's much kind of anticipated PowerPoint clone could be almost ready to see the light of day. There've been rumors that Google was working on a slideshow application for ages.

In April, Google bought one company with presentation technology, and another in June. Also in June, Gmail added the ability to view PowerPoint slides sent as e-mail attachments. But while the company has an online word processor and spreadsheet app, presentations have been a no show so far.

Well, rumor is it's coming soon, and it'll be called Presently. Which is kind of funny, since once upon a time Google bought up a web service called Writely and renamed it Google Docs & Spreadsheets. We're guessing Presently is just a temporary name.

We should point out that Google will hardly be the first company with an online office suite that includes a Presentation application. You can already open PowerPoint files or create your own slideshows using Zoho and ThinkFree. But neither of those companies has been nominated as a potential Microsoft killer just yet, so all eyes are on Google to see if a mover and shaker can release an online productivity suite that will truly rival Microsoft Office.

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