Google to file trademark suit against JewTube

JewTubeWe don't know about you, but we here at DownloadSquad get JewTube and YouTube mixed up all the time. Sure one is among the most visited sites on the internet and has millions of videos, while the other has a total of 167 videos in categories like Celebrations/Simchas and Hebrew Hotties. But for some reason, every time we go looking for videos of teens defending Britney Spears, we accidentally wind up at JewTube.

Well, not really. But apparently Google thinks the sites' names are similar enough that it is taking steps to protect its trademark. Google has stated its intent to file opposition with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

It's possible that Google actually plans to take action against, which at least has a YouTube-like interface. But it's really just a fake site that takes you to the blog of a Jewish comedian.

Whichever site is on Google's hit list, we really hope this turns into a long and drawn out legal battle, because we'd love to see Google make the case in court that JewTube is somehow damaging its brand.

[via Mashable and WebPro News]

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