Graspr: Another user-generated how to video site

While we often find ourselves thinking the last thing we really need is yet another website that lets users upload, share, and vote on videos, we might make an exception for Graspr. Like SuTree and 5min, Graspr is focused on how-to videos.

Sure, you can find out how to knit or shave with a straight razor on YouTube, but it's hard to find good instructional videos because there's just so much stuff to sift through on a general purpose site.

Graspr has a clean, easy to navigate interface. For example, the computers & internet section actually has useful subcategories like networking, hardware, internet, programming & design, security, software, and general. All too often, it seems like these instructional websites aren't geared toward geeks, so we appreciate it when we find a site that is.

And for a service that just launched this week, there are already a good number of instructional videos to browse through, thanks to a successful beta period. We also like how registered users can take notes on videos and read notes left by other members of the community.

There are still a few kinks to work out. When we tried to copy the embed code for a video using the "copy , we got a site not found error. But by copying the code manually, we managed to embed a video after the jump.

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