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Name That Color
Do you worry about confusing Cotton Seed with Silver Rust? Portica and Marigold Yellow? Emerald and Mantis? Are you part of the small percentage of folks who spend many hours wondering about color names? Then you're in luck! Thanks to the hard work of Chirag Mehta and his little Name that Color tool you can easily find out all those things and more.

Select a color in the color picker to see what its rightful name is. Or at least that of the closest named color. Paste in a color HEX and look up the name of that rogue color in your CSS file. Or, if that is too complex for you, select the color you want to view by using the handy drop down. It is all here and all dirt simple.

For the record though: despite many great reasons we do not have any intention of changing the DS logo from Sushi Green to Olive Drab.
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