HYPERiGO: Speed dial for the web

First there was the web browser bookmark. Then there was the web-based bookmark. Now HYPERiGO wants to go one step further with an online bookmarking site that includes site screenshots and an attractive, easy to navigate interface.

Overall, it reminds us of the speed dial feature in the Opera web browser. But HYPERiGO isn't confined to a single web browser. You can access the site from any browser using any operating system.

When you first visit the site, you can view a demo version with a bunch of preselected bookmarks in categories like tech, online, email, news, and music. If you sign up for an account you can select your own sites for each category.

Our only complaint is that the site is a little sluggish. That's true when it comes to adding new bookmarks, or general site navigation. Hopefully this is something the developers will address soon because we love the idea, but it's a bit painful to use at the moment.

[via TechnoBuzz]

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