Informational Tab puts thumbnails in your Firefox tabs

Informational TabInformational Tab is one of those Firefox add-ons that could either make your web browsing experience a whole lot easier, or a whole lot more difficult.

Essentially, this add-on puts two things in your tab menu: a thumbnail of the pages your visiting and a progress bar showing their page loading progress.

The thumbnails are necessarily tiny. But they do provide more information in some cases than the favicons that are typically listed. For example, if you visit several blogs hosted on Blogspot or, they'll all have identical favicons. But the thumbnails will have different colors for each site.

But that's still a lot of information to be putting into such a small space. And while Informational Tab might make it easier to identify sites by eyeballing your tab bar, it also tends to make Firefox a bit uglier than it needs to be. Plus Informational Tab doesn't play that well with Faviconize, an add-on that lets you shrink your tabs to fit more on the screen. The problem is that shrunken tabs are smaller than the thumbnails created by Informational Tab, so you wind up with thumbnails spilling over onto the next tab.

[via CyberNet]

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