Intel pushing low-power Linux development for laptops

LessWattsEveryone wants a blazing fast PC. But if you've got a laptop, you also want long battery life. Oh yeah, and if you care about the environment or your home electric bills, you might want your desktop to suck electricity from the power grid a little slower too.

PC power consumption comes from a combination of hardware and software. Intel, AMD, and other chip makers have been trying to reduce power usage in their new processors, and Microsoft and Apple have tried to build power-saving features into their operating systems.

Now Intel has also launched a new initiative to encourage Linux developers to find ways to save power. The goal is to create a community of developers, users, and organizations committed to sharing code, bugs, or tips on reducing the power use of PCs running Linux. Intel has been turning to Linux as a way to boost battery life in ultra mobile devices, and has already demonstrated that low-power software can boost battery life by up to an hour on some devices.

[via APC Magazine]

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