Iotum brings conferencing to Facebook

Iotum, whose tagline is "simply relevant", has made a name for itself in the voice 2.0 industry, combining VoIP technology with their own software wizardry to make life easier for busy telephone users, especially those holstering a Blackberry. Their next frontier is Facebook, the growing-like-a-weed social networking site that has a bent towards business-people and a larger user community than LinkedIn.

Making use of Facebook's API, Iotum created a conference-calling application that will allow Facebook participants to meet online. Iotum designed their conference call instances on Facebook to resemble Facebook events, giving the conferencing apparatus a familiar look and feel. Indeed, conferences can be tied to events so that they occur automatically, or you can do them ad-hoc. Right now, Iotum's Facebook add-on provides North American numbers for conferencing, with international numbers to be added later.

More than just chat tool, Iotum's Facebook voice conferencing lets you see the portraits of each Facebook participant before and during the conference--something, which, once you've done it, seems peculiarly missing from traditional phone-service based conferences. Perhaps best of all, if you're supposed to be a participant in a call, the add-on will even send you a text message so you don't forget. Check out the full details, including screenshots. And here's the application itself.

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