Jax puts YouTube videos onto iPod, iPhone

Jax adds a grab-bag of features to iTunes.Despite Apple's inclusion of a hefty feature set in its iApps and the iPhone, there always seem to be a few things missing that users want, and it's left to the hacker community to add these missing features. Mass-adding album art to iTunes used to be a pain. So did putting RSS news items onto your iPod. So, coincidentally, did viewing YouTube videos on your iPod or offline iPhone.
Jax has solved all these dilemmas and more. The program, which we're convinced is named after the cliche "jack of all trades" is really a hack of all trades, because its functionality isn't limited to just music, or to video. Jax really does a ton of stuff. Like automatically collecting album art for your iTunes library, converting your RSS subscriptions into spoken audio files for syncing to your iPod, iTunes lyric searching and a scrolling lyrics visualizer (very handy for practicing musicians), and even automated downloading and transfer of YouTube videos to your iPod or iPhone.

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