JotSpot = Google Wiki? and the launch of Google Presentations

JotSpot = Google Wiki? and the launch of Google PresentationsThe word on the web is that Google could be transforming JotSpot into a Google Wiki.

Google acquired the WYSIWYG wiki website creator last October, and there have been numerous discussions about what they could be doing with it. From making it into the GDrive storage location for storing and sharing spreadsheets, calendars, files and photos, to integrating it into Google Apps as a business wiki. With the moving of the JotSpot help and support pages being transferred under the Google name this April, there is now a Google Apps service code name for 'jotspot'. This all means that Google is most likely building JotSpot into Google Apps accounts, and could be in the final testing phases before its release.

Stay tuned for news from the Office 2.0 Conference being held in San Francisco next week, Google could be dropping some news on this as well as the launch of Google Presentations.

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