Kompoz- Social networking musician style

Kompoz is a site designed to allow musicians to compose music with other musicians around the world. Have a sweet melody but can't come up with song lyrics? Searching for a song you can add your own drum magic to? Kompoz is the place. The site allows you to upload what you have of a song, and then allow others on the site to add things to it. You can also search through songs on the site and add your own special touch to the songs that you find. Kompoz currently has musicians registered from over 60 countries and 24 different time zones, so you have the opportunity to collaborate with a truly diverse group of people.

Each song has its own page where you can see each version of the song that has been uploaded as well as who had added what to the track to make it what it the song it is today. Each song also has a discussion board attached where you can talk with other people on how the project is going. Once your project reaches its final stages it can also be added to Kompoz Radio a podcast featuring songs created on the site. You can also embed a player on your personal website that shows all of the different versions of your song. Believe it or not, the site actually has some pretty good songs out there now. Even if you're not a musician yourself it can be interesting to the original drum track that was uploaded to the site, and then hear the song a dozen different people managed turn it into.

[via EmilyChang]

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