Man files best lawsuit ever against Google

Jayne v Google
Google is no stranger to lawsuits. Everyone from Viacom to the country of Thailand has taken legal action against the internet behemoth. Heck, we're betting at least half our readers have tried to file a suit against Google at one time or another.

But we've now found the incontrovertible best lawsuit ever filed against Google. And by best, we mean funniest. And kind of the saddest. This handwritten lawsuit claims that if you take the plaintiff's social security number and turn it upside down, and then scramble the numbers you get a code which spells Google. So obviously Google was trying to violate the plaintiff's civil liberties by adopting his social security number as their company name.

Seriously. That's what he's claiming. We're not kidding. Check out the suit yourself after the jump.

[via Techdirt]

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