Microsoft revamps Live search

Live Search update
Microsoft has launched an updated version of Live Search. Some of the changes will be visible in the user interface, but the company also made a bunch of changes under the hood to make the search engine more useful and reliable.
  • Increased the site index by more than 400%
  • Improved understanding of query intent
  • Auto-spell correction
  • Faster page-loads
  • Uses more click-stream data to improve page ranking and relevancy
  • Improved answers to questions about specific items like weather, images, celebrities, entertainment, maps, or sports
The interface is also a bit cleaner. The search box has moved to the left. The tabs for searching images, video, news have been replaced with text links (which are a bit harder to notice than tabs at first). And the fonts look a little less 1985-ish.

Apparently 40 percent of the searches on involve entertainment, shopping, health, and local search, so Microsoft has focused heavily on these four areas.

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