Microsoft to release Windows Live unified installer this week

Windows Live WriterThe New York Times reports that Microsoft is set to launch software this week that will more seamlessly connect the company's desktop software (like Windows), with its online services (like Windows Live Search, Mail and Spaces).

While Microsoft's competitors in the past have been desktop software makers, competition is increasingly coming online from companies like Google and Zoho.

On the one hand, Microsoft is relatively late to the web services game. On the other hand, Microsoft has a ridiculously large share of the operating system market. If the company makes it just a wee bit easier for customers to write blogs, share photos, and send email in a way that blurs the distinction between online and offline software, Microsoft could make some serious headway.

This week, Microsoft will begin offering a "Unified Installer" for Windows Live services. Download a single package, and you can install clients for Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Messenger 8.5, Windows Live OneCare Family Safety and Windows Live Writer.

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