New, wierdly named search engine for Delicious - DeliGoo

We luv our Firefox extensions and here's another one - Deligoo. (Yes, it is a perplexing name but it's a mash of Google Custom Search and Delicious). Deligoo searches your bookmarks and with its help you can find the necessary page according to any phrase or word which it contains.

This is the perfect solution to those frustrating searches where you know you bookmarked an incredibly interesting and useful web page, but you can't recall the page itself. Now, all you have to do is reference what the page was about (if you remember) and Deligoo will search it out for you. Another nice touch, is you can search other users' tags, and possibly get way more information than you need.

Patience is a virtue and you will need patience when using Deligoo as it takes - a - long - time - to - load - your - search because it has to recreate your search engine every time you use it. When you download Deligoo and restart Firefox or Internet Explorer, a button appears on your toolbar, which when clicked, takes you back to the search page. If you're real particular about your screen's real estate and not a die-hard user, than bookmarking Deligoo would work just as well.

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