No more wallet needed with MobiBucks

No more wallet needed with MobiBucksThe time has come when traveling with a wallet is not a necessity, and the only item you need on your person is a simple mobile device. Well, almost.

has created a free and secure payment solution that lets users pay using a cell phone and a 4 digit PIN code. How does it work?

  • Register online using your cell phone number
  • Add money to your account and manage all account information online.
  • Make your purchase at a participating Mobibucks store using your 4 digit PIN and get confirmation through an SMS message.
Sounds like a nice and secure solution for always having money on your person and without having to carry all that change around, but how many stores are participating in Mobibucks? There are currently 23 stores around the U.S. offering this unique payment system, ranging from cafes, restaurants and video rental stores. If this Mountain View California based service catches on and is offered in a lot more locations over the next little while, it's going to be huge.

[via ehub]

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