Nourish turns RSS feeds into newsletters

Nourish RSS feeds into newslettersLooking for an easy way to set up an email newsletter? Nourish will take any RSS feed and convert it into an email newsletter. The service is free to use, and relatively easy to set up and send out.

Want to keep customers up to date with your own newsletter?For companies that have a blog up and running, you can take that fresh content and easily package it into an email broadcast. Users register an account and presented with a campaign dashboard; four steps then stand in the way of your escape from the land of newsletter-less losers.

  1. Choose a name, subject and to and from name and email address.
  2. RSS Feed import - Paste the URL of your RSS feed, and grab posts from a certain date.
  3. Scheduling - Daily, Weekly and Monthly newsletters can be created at certain times of the day.
  4. Custom design (optional) - if you want your newsletter to better present your brand identity.
Subscribers to the newsletter are imported via a CSV file. When newsletters are sent out, Nourish will provide you with subscribers open rates, click through rates and the number of emails delivered. It's a great free service that has only one drawback, albeit a major one, there are currently only 10 subscribers allowed per account.

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