Odeo and FireAnt living under the same roof

FireAntRemember FireAnt? Back in the day, it was known as a hot internet video aggregator. While the trend has shifted toward web video sites like YouTube, or aggregators like Truveo, FireAnt offers a standalone video player/aggregator that lest you download and watch videos without a web browser. You know, kind of like Miro. Actually, come to think of it, FireAnt and Miro's interfaces are remarkably similar.

But that's beside the point. The point is, FireAnt may be prepared to make a comeback. SonicMountain, the company that made headlines by purchasing podcast aggregator Odeo earlier this year has reportedly purchased FireAnt.

NewTeeVee reports that Odeo (SonicMountain changed their name after the acquisition) plains to integrate FireAnt and relaunch sometime around December. Imagine accessing Odeo's huge index of existing podcasts and podcast creation tools through a downloadable player. Or something like that.

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