Office 2.0 Conference for next gen workers

Office 2.0 Conference for next gen workersAs the shift towards online applications grows strong, so do the conferences and events that promote working online.

The Office 2.0 conference is just around the corner in San Francisco, September 5-7th 2007. The event is aimed at the discovery of future online productivity and collaboration efforts brings together leaders and visionaries in the field to discuss innovative online services, and ways to get things done both at home, and in the office. Speaker's sessions include: The Future of work, mobile productivity, death of the app., and GTD with Office 2.0.

A very cool part of the event is that conference attendees will get an Apple iPhone, or PS3 running on Firefox with Linux, to play with and connect during the event. The iPhone experiment will allow conference go ers a way to easily check out the conference schedule, map the area, utilize the facilities WiFi and to lookup conference speakers and biographies. Of course the device is built in to the $1695 registration fee, and users are responsible for activating the iPhone with an AT&T plan. Nonetheless a very intuitive idea from conference organizers.

There is also word that Google could be announcing Google Presentation, and Google Wiki at this event.

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