Opera 9.5 alpha is ready to download

Opera 9.5As promised, Opera has released a public alpha of Opera 9.5 today. Aside from the juicy updates like full history search and bookmark synchronization, there are a ton of tweaks and bugfixes in the latest version of this web browser.

Here are a few goodies we found hidden in the release notes:

  • Added an "open with" feature that lets you open pages with other applications including Firefox or Internet Explorer (for pages that still don't render well in Opera)
  • Content blocking improvements
  • Added an undo option for Speed Dial
  • Improved thumbnail rendering quality
  • Automatic page refreshing can now be overridden
  • New brushed metal skin on the Mac version
  • Dropped support for OS X 10.1 (Puma)
Remember, this is alpha software, so you might find a few unreported bugs. But you can also install Opera 9.5 alpha in a separate directory from Opera 9.23 so current Opera users won't lose any of their settings.

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