PDF Download: decide when Firefox downloads or opens PDF files

PDF Download
When you click on a web link that takes you to a PDF document, you can either download it or view it in your browser if you have the right plugin installed. But you usually have to configure your browser settings to either always download a file or always open a file.

Sure, you can open a file with Firefox and then download it, but considering how long it takes for the Adobe Reader plugin to open a file, that just seems like a waste of time.

That's where PDF Download comes in handy. This Firefox add-on gives you more control over how you handle PDF files. Want to automatically download every PDF you see? You an do that. Want to open every file using Adobe Reader? No problem. How about opening every file as an HTML document? Yup, you can do that too.

But probably the most useful option is the default view. Once you install PDF Download, every time you click a link that takes you to a PDF file, a window will pop up asking what you'd like to do with that file.

[via Web Worker Daily]

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