Reuters launches video search powered by Viewdle facial recognition

When we first heard about Viewdle yesterday we dismissed the company as yet another online video search and indexing system. But now that we've played with Reuters' new "Face Search" powered by Viewdle, we have to say, we're impressed.

Here's how it works. You type in a name, like Britney Spears or George Bush. Viewdle searches through an index of Reuters videos and pulls up clips featuring those people. As the video plays, you'll notice a little white box around the face of the person you searched for. Some videos include multiple faces in the index. You can click on any face with a white box to find more videos featuring that person. Or you can look under the player for a list of faces in the video you're watching and the times at which they appear in the video.

We can easily see this technology being crucial to online video sites featuring news, entertainment, and of course pornography.

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