Revver has paid video producers $1 million in 1 year

RevverToday marks the 1 year anniversary since video sharing site Revver emerged from beta status. And by some remarkable coincidence, the site has also paid out exactly $1 million to content creators and distributors in that year.

While we're certain they're fudging the numbers by just a whee bit (come on, they probably hit the $1 million mark weeks ago, or are going to in a few weeks), it's still a pretty nifty demonstration that user generated video can be profitable for web publishers and users alike. Revver splits advertising revenue 50/50 with video producers.

Users who embed Revver clips on other sites can get 20 percent of advertising revenue. You need to earn $20 before Revver will send you a check, but apparently 25,000 people have done that so far. And Revver is presenting Doogtoons creator Doug Bresler with an "honorary check" for the $1 millionth dollar.

[via NewTeeVee]

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