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google shared stuff

A new social bookmaking and sharing service has recently had a low profile launch over at Google. Google Shared Stuff. Simply drop a bookmarklet on your browser bar, and click 'Share' when you want to share something that you have come across online. The shared items will then appear on your own unique shared stuff page with descriptions and tags that you associate with the bookmarks.

But that's just one of the options, through Google Shared Stuff not only can you share it on a webpage, but you can choose to email the page to someone else, or share the page through Facebook, Furl,, Social Poster, Reddit or Digg.

Shared Stuff will be accessible when users are logged into their Google account and visit this link. Full link pages can also be shared amongst friends.

UPDATE: You can also check out shared stuff from people you know.
[via GoogleBlogoscoped]

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