Sony to launch video download store

Sony Bravia logoJust days after Sony announced it was pulling the plug on the Connect music download service, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Sony plans to launch a video download service to compete with iTunes.

Sony may have the goods to pull this off. Apple developed the iTunes music store in order to sell content that would make you want to buy an iPod. The hardware and software are made to work together. Sony already has the hardware (the Playstation3, the Playstation Portable, and Bravia television sets) and the content (Sony Pictures movies and TV shows).

Now imagine media service where you can go online using your computer, PS3, PSP, or even your TV remote control, buy a movie or a complete season of a TV show, and automatically download it to a device for viewing. No $300 AppleTV required.

Of course, in order to succeed, Sony will need to sign distribution deals with other TV and movie producers. But while Apple holds onto its number one position in online music sales with a strong grip, there's not clear leader in video downloads. So whether Sony can take the lead is kind of beside the point right now. We're just happy to see someone else moving into this space.

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