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Text messages are all well and good, but the kids these days, they like graphics. So when Zlango launched a service to offer enhanced emoticons and icons for mobile phone and web use, we were suitably impressed. The company came up with a hieroglyphic-like "language," complete with 200 different icons, some of which hold multiple meanings.

While it's not a complete language, you can convey a lot of meaning with those 200 icons. But that's a lot of images to remember. Fortunately, Zlango has gone and offered a couple of new services, including Zlango Composer, an English to Zlango translator. Because you know, there's a wide demand for that kind of thing.

The application is Flash-based, and translates text into images as you type. You can then send messages to your friends, who will likely have a pretty tough time reading them if you turn the captions off. We can't say Zlango Composer is particularly useful, unless say, you're a company focused on icons and you're trying to attract users to your service. But it's certainly fun to play with for a few minutes.

[via TechCrunch]

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