TruPhone demonstrates VoIP-over-WiFi on iPhone

iPhoneTruPhone, the UK-based creator of VoIP least-cost routing tools for cell phones, is demonstrating the first implementation of VoIP calling over WiFi on Apple's iPhone. The demonstration is occuring at DEMOFall in San Diego. The solution uses the SIP protocol, so TruPhone users can call each other from the iPhone, or call the outside world using SIP or the public telephone network. This will allow TruPhone users to reach Gizmo Project users, for example.

This announcement is significant as VoIP calling from the iPhone was previously not possible, even with Apple's own iChat (which on Mac desktops enables VoIP chat. So TruPhone's offering will satisfy an enormous demand and increase the value of the iPhone's WiFi hardware dramatically.

UPDATE: Andy Abramson has video of TruPhone running on the iPhone.

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